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A CoreWalking week in Cremolino

September 16 to 21, 2018
Five-day retreat with Jonathan FitzGordon

Prepare for a transformative experience at Casa Wallace with a week-long intensive on health and healing.
Receive individual attention as you explore your body and movement patterns.
Discover new ways to align your body to promote healing, relieve chronic or acute pain and cultivate techniques for aging gracefully.

Bed & Breakfast and Vineyards in Piedmont

Enjoy two movement classes each day
Yoga/Exercise in the morning
Movement/Therapeutics in the afternoon
This retreat is suitable for all levels
Jonathan uses walking, standing, and anatomy to teach optimal posture and movement. His teaching style is fun and filled with humor! We'll be doing a combination of walking, yoga, meditation, release work, therapeutics, anatomy and much more.

You'll enjoy three organic meals each day.
Herbal teas, infusions, and fruit are available at all times.
At Casa Margherita, the sister house, you'll find a serene wellness space including the yoga room stocked with props to support your practice.
Also enjoy the sauna, steam room, hot tub and shower between sessions for enhanced relaxation!

There will also be:
- Hiking
- A wine cellar tour w/ natural wine tasting
- Cooking class
- A Pizza Party

Bed & Breakfast in Piedmont


Early bird rate through July 1: $1350
Regular rate: $1700

{50% deposit required at time of booking}
Remainder is due by September 1, 2018

**You are responsible for your own airfare. 50% deposit must be paid in full before July 1 to receive Early Bird Discount. Cancellations made before August 1, 2018 are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made between August 1-September 1, 2018 are eligible for a 50% refund. Cancellations made after September 1, 2018 are NOT eligible for a refund.**

**There will be a bus (cost not included) from the airport in Milan to Casa Wallace on Sunday the 16th after the last flight of the morning. There will be a bus available on Friday the 21st from Casa Wallace to Milan.**
Daily Schedule


Afternoon Practice 3pm
Evening Meet & Greet 8pm

Meditation 8:00am
Breakfast 8:30am
Morning Practice 10-12
Lunch 12:30
Afternoon Practice 3-6
Dinner 7:30-


Meditation 8:00am
Breakfast 8:30am
Morning Practice 9:30-11:00am

The instructor

Jonathan FitzGordon has been practicing yoga since 1995 and has been teaching since 2000. He owned and operated the Yoga Center of Brooklyn from 2001-2009 and created the CoreWalking Program in 2005 because walking is something we all do and walking correctly is an amazing way to bring positive change to our aging bodies.

Jonathan relishes the opportunity to help people who have not been able to find the answers they sought with traditional methods.