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Upcoming Retreats

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or your holistic retreat at Casa Wallace

We’ll support you in organizing, designing, personalizing and promoting your retreat or event.
Our renovated farmhouse on our biodynamic vineyard setting is a perfect location for holistic retreats, office team
building, or

informational courses and workshops.

Your retreat will integrate your planned daily workshops/lessons with our Italian culture, wine, food, and fun activities.
Your participants will have all the services of our B&B, plus the other organized activities you plan – a trip to the Mediterranean Sea, cooking

classes, or a visit to Roman ruins – whatever you’d like to include.

If you’re a yoga instructor, a fitness trainer or a human resource director, our retreat location should  be for you.

Retreats 2020

Core Walking Week in Cremolino Italy  - Walking, Yoga and Therapeutics with Jonathan FitzGordon

August 29 to September 4, 2020


Changing your walk and posture can change your life. Jonathan Fitz Gordon, the creator of the Core Walking program, is back for the second year with his 6-night all-inclusive Core Walking retreat.  It’s for people who suffer chronic pain like spinal stenosis, lower back pain, muscle tension headaches, sciatica, Psoas pain and much more. He’ll take participants through exercises proven to alleviate their suffering. 

Core Walking Week in Cremolino Italy

Ida na Pingala Swedish Yoga Retreat with Rebecca Rylander and Ida Grimstedt

September 10 to 14, 2020


Rebecca and Ida come from Sweden. They brought a group back for the second time last year, and are scheduled again this fall. Their retreat in Swedish puts their followers on an enjoyable path to self-awareness.

About Rebecca and Ida.....    

Ida na Pingala Swedish Yoga Retreat

Wine for Yoga Lovers

New Dates 2020 Coming Soon


Enjoy a yoga class, a glass of wine and so much more! Two sister vineyards join together to offer this unique all-inclusive retreat!


Casa Wallace and Casa Margherita, sister houses, are warm and welcoming.  The atmosphere of the two vineyards is hard to describe: it's energy-based.  Nourish your body and soul during this all-inclusive weeklong luxury retreat on sister, adjacent Italian vineyards. The uniqueness comes 

Wine for Yoga Lovers