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Organize your event
or your holistic retreat at Casa Wallace

We’ll support you in organizing, designing, personalizing and promoting your retreat or event.
Our renovated farmhouse on our biodynamic vineyard setting is a perfect location for holistic retreats, office team
building, or

informational courses and workshops.

Your retreat will integrate your planned daily workshops/lessons with our Italian culture, wine, food, and fun activities.
Your participants will have all the services of our B&B, plus the other organized activities you plan – a trip to the Mediterranean Sea, cooking

classes, or a visit to Roman ruins – whatever you’d like to include.

If you’re a yoga instructor, a fitness trainer or a human resource director, our retreat location should  be for you.

Retreats 2019

Events available all year

A Romantic Vineyard Wedding

Of all the beautiful places in Italy to marry, we have some reasons why you should do it at Casa Wallace!

Wine Tours & Tastings
How many times have you put your ear over a barrel to listen to the boiling crackles of fermentation?