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Italian Experiences

Experiences like this make the difference!

Biodynamic and Natural Wine

Our vines extend for ten hectares on our hills.  We work in harmony with nature using biodynamic methods to produce our wine, made with nature and passion, entirely natural.

Biodynamic Vegetable Garden and our solidarity project

We invite you to “pick your dinner” from our biodynamic garden and leave a contribution to Semi di Solidarietà  (Seeds of Solidarity).

Wine Tours

Our wine tastings go far beyond sipping and swirling and on your tour of the wine cellar, you’ll be blown away by the taste of our authentic wine made naturally with our sustainably grown grapes.  This activity is an experience not to be missed.

Italian Piazza setting

In Italy, the piazzas are the vital centers of every community. Our inner courtyard, typical of the farmhouses of the 1600s, is the center of Casa Wallace.  Our piazza with its simple charm is alive and inviting!